The Brevard County Sheriff's Office Reserve Unit consists of a group of individuals dedicated to improving the quality of life in Brevard County.

The Reserve Unit

All reserve deputies are Florida Department of Law Enforcement certified law enforcement officers sworn in as deputies by Sheriff Wayne Ivey.

All Are Volunteers

Most reserve deputies have full-time jobs outside the Sheriff's Office and donate their law enforcement time at no salary cost to the tax-payer.

Rights and Duties

Reserve deputies carry out the same law enforcement duties and responsibilities as full-time deputies. They may work within any of the Sheriff's Office units; such as Ag/Marine, Aviation, DUI, General Crimes, Training and Patrol.

Not Just Enforcement

In addition to regular law enforcement duties, the Reserve Unit also provides security for many charitable and public events. By providing these additional security functions, reserve deputies increase the safety of the public not only by overseeing the security of the events, but also by allowing more full-time deputies to remain on the road to respond to public needs.

Taxpayer Savings

During the 2016 calendar year, the Reserve Unit donated 27,491.25 hours at a value to the community of over $1,229,000.